1. No godmodding: Your character is NOT all-powerful. Unless you have a power or something that gives you the power, you can not carry out an action.
  2. No bunnying: You cannot decide that another player does something.
    1. A small amount of godmodding/bunnying may be overlooked, but multiple offenses will result in warnings followed by appropriate action.
  3. No metagaming: Your character is not aware of that thing that is lurking behind the corner that the guy mentioned to someone else.
  4. Killing Characters: If you wish to kill another character, please ASK FIRST.


  1. We are strictly against godmodding, so we are therefore aginst omnipotent characters. You may create a deity or something similar, but limit their powers as much as possible.
  2. It is mainly prohibited to plagiarise real characters, but you may do something similar, as make a Jedi character, or say your character attended Hogwarts in one of our universes.
    1. If you do, however, wish to use a real character, you must ask an admin.
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